Artist: Shahid Parvez
Code: 1888

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 123 x 153 cm

Shahid Parwez : I associate a period of his earlier works where human figures, animals and objects were given a freedom and detachment and allowed to float within his compositions in a way that can be aligned to western motifs of cherubs and angelic figures as with the Art of Chagall. Images of tigers and of romanticised couples, reoccur continually in his work, into serigraphs of multiple coloured registrations creating surfaces of incredible richness and extravagance. Shahid in all of his subtleties of wisdom is telling us to view Art through the innocent eyes of the child we once were. His paintings with their multiple surface layering’s act in defusing the sometimes explicitly charged renditions of flirtations as in ‘time for love’ with the obvious placement of the heart shaped time piece, a discreet twist of a nipple and the cats tail being held suggestively.

Currently on show at Venice, to view click  -   'India the Revealed Mysteries' at Venice