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Born  February 1956

IGD JJ School of Art, Bombay (1978)
1984,85,86        One man show and exhibition in pushkar fair, Rajasthan.
Since 1988        Participating in group show in Ajmer. 
June 1989         Jawahar Kala Kendra show.
June 1990         Décor Art Gallery show (U.K).
May 1991           Show in Ajmer {suchana Kendra}.
June 1992         Décor Art Gallery show UK
Dec 1993           Bedford Art Galleries show {U.K}.
June 1994         Show at Milton Keynes {U.K}.
June 1995,96   Show at Jawahar Kala Kendra {Jaipur}.
May 1998          Show at Juneja Art Gallery {Jaipur}.
Aug 1999           Wembley exhibition center, London. a live show organized by zee TV (zee Asia).
                            Where he was awarded a special prize for  his painting.
Nov 1999          Mega Mela at National exhibition center, Birmingham.
Jan 2000          Selected for Lalit Kala Academy.
Apr 2000           Art Mela, Jawar kala Kendra, jaipur.
May 2000          Solo show' Ganesha ' Ajmer, depicting Lord Ganesha. 
Jan 2001          Suchana Kendra, Ajmer.
June 2001        Birmingham, UK.
July 2002          Leicester, UK. 
July 2002          Project work at Milkeens (U.K.).
May 2003          Exhibition hall Rajkot (Gujarat).
June 2003        Aakar group show at Jawahar kala Kendra {jaipur}.
June 2003        Painting selected for Lalit kala Kendra
June 2004        Aakar Group show at jawahar kalaKendra, jaipur. 
June 2005        Selected for Lalit Kala Academy Jaipur.
July 2006          Juneja Art Gallery jaipur (one man show).
Aug.2006          Samanvia Art Gallery jaipur.
Aug 2007          Juneja Art Gallery jaipur.
Jan 2008          Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur.
Oct. 2008          Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur.
Jan 2008          Opening show of  Gallery Artchill , Amber Fort, Jaipur.
Oct.2009          Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur.
Nov.2009          Ajmer Suchna kendra. 
Dec.2009         Kala Mela , Jaipur.
Sep 2010         Show at epicenter, Gurgaon.
Vijay Chouhan specialized painting in traditional miniatures style also and has been teaching arts in Mayo College, Ajmer since 1986.
Painting the decoration of several film sets in Bombay in 1982-83, Vijay has been undertaking commissioned work for Décor Art Gallery, Bedford , England since 1988. Décor have published prints from many of his painting and exhibited his work in several places in UK. His Ganesha series were first shown at NEC Birmingham in 1999 and he has since completed a 21 meter long mutual commissioned by a company in Milton Keynes UK. Currenly he is working on 'FLASHBACK' series which is a tribute to the Indian women showing her mesmerizing journey that virtualy transports the onlooker across the river of time into the land of touching rituals , palaces, war fronts and Vedas... each painting unfolds a different story, each stroke speakes volumes.