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Born : 1940, Bengal, India

Graduated in Science from Calcutta University.
Graduated from Govt. College of Art & Crafts, Calcutta in 1965.

Senior Fellowship, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.
Maha Kaushal Award, Bhopal.
NBT Award, New Delhi.

1967    Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. 
1975    Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi. 
1982    Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi. 
1984    Information Centre, Calcutta. 
1984    Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi. 
1988,1990,1992,1994 & 1996    Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai. 
1992    Aurobindo Gallery, Pondicherry 
1993    Gallery 42, New Delhi. 
1998    Akarshan Gallery, New Delhi. 
1995    Grindlays Bank, New Delhi. 
2000    Aurodhan Gallery, Pondicherry. 
2001    Art Forum, New Delhi
2002    Damyanti Gallery, New Delhi. 

1969    National Exhibition, and AIFACS Exhibition.  
1972    Group shows by Calcutta painters in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Shantiniketan. 
1971    Group shows in aid of Bangladesh in Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi. 
1976 & 1977    Gallery 26 in New Delhi.  
1980    All India Drawing Exhibition, Chandigarh. 
1988    Biennale, Bhopal. 
1990    Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi. 
1990    Dhoomimal Art Gallery ‘Ravi Jain Memorial’ 
1991    Participated in ‘Artists who are Teacher’s at Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 
1994    Group shows organized by ‘Udayan Care’ New Delhi. 
1994    Birla Academy, Kolkata. 
1995    ‘Vision 95’ Urusvati Centre for Contemporary Art, New Delhi. 
1995    Bangladesh Biennale, Dhaka. 
1995    Exhibition of Paintings at Damascus. 
1995    Urusvati, New Delhi. 
1995    Gallery Petite, New Delhi.
1995    Aurodhan Exhibition in Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. 
1996    Tanjore Gallery, New Delhi. 
1996    20 Artists show at AIFACS, New Delhi. 
1996    Mexico Festival. 
1997    21 Artists show at AIFACS, New Delhi. 
1997    Delhi for Delhi, and People for Animals at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. 
1997    ‘The End of Silence’ organized by Gallery Mirage, New Delhi. 
1998    Delhi Art Gallery show at Park Royal, New Delhi. 
1998    ‘Song of Summer’ Gallery Mirage. 
1998    ‘Jodhpur Musing’ by Gallery Ganesha. 
1998    ‘Vision 98’ by Urusvati Gallery, New Delhi. 
1999    ‘Art for Spastics’ Chennai. 
1999 & 2001    Anniversary show by Gallery Ganesha. 
1999    ‘The Art Show’ by Art Junction, New Delhi. 
1999    ‘Dreams and Realities’ LKA New Delhi. 
1999    ‘An Evening with Figures’ Art Junction, New Delhi. 
2000    ‘Their Story’ by VHAI, at LKA New Delhi. 
2001    ‘International Exchange Exhibition’ at Seoul. 
2002    India – Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition, LKA, New Delhi. 
2002    ‘Principals of Art’ by Art Forum, New Delhi. 
2002    I’m Gallery, New Delhi. 
2002    Freedom Gallery, New Delhi. 
2002    Kalanjali, New Delhi. 
2002    Daffodils Gallery show at Grand Hyatt, New Delhi. 
    Curated Millennium shows ‘Their Story’ organized by VHAI and ‘Artists connection with Bengal’ organized by    Dhoomimal Gallery.
2006    ‘Passion N Compassion’ Group Show at Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur 
2008    Group Show at Gallery Artchill, Amer fort, Jaipur,
2009    Group show 'Stroke by Stroke IInd' at Le Meridien jaipur, organized by Gallery Artchill 
2013    Group Show at Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur.
2013    'Confluence des Arts '  a group show of 100 artists at Gallery Artchill, Amber Fort , Jaipur
2014    All India Exhibition at Jaipur Art Summit,  Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
2014    ''Labyrinth of life' Group Show at Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur 
2014    'Contemporary Figuration' Group show at Juneja Art Gallery.
2015    'Oh Krishna’ Group Show at Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur 
2015    ‘ART WALK’ Group Show by Artchill at Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur.  
2016    Group Show at Gallery Artchill, Amber Fort, Jaipur.
2019    'Inner voices - outer masks' Group show at Gallery Artchill, Amer Fort, Jaipur.

Participated in various artists’ camps organized by AIFACS, Dhoomimal Gallery, Maharaja of Jodhpur.
TATA Jamshedpur, Taj Banjara Hyderabad organized by Aurodhan Gallery, Urusvati Gallery.
Gallery Mirage, VHAI, British 3X camp, LKA.
2005    'Stroke by Stroke’ organized by Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur.
2009    Group show 'Stroke by Stroke IInd' at Le Meridien Jaipur, organized by Gallery Artchill.

Founder member of ‘Gallery 26’
Member of Calcutta painters.
Executive member of Academy of Visual Media, New Delhi.
Art adviser to various art organizations and member of Habitat Centre, Delhi.

Ex Principal, College of Art , New Delhi
Professional Painter and teacher

Article published in Financial Express, New Delhi – ‘Art Education in India’
‘Meaning of Art in the Contemporary Context – Higher and Technical and Professional Education’ DTE New Delhi.
‘Bangladesh Biennale ’ Dhaka.