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Art, since prehistoric times, has influenced man. Art can speak where words fail. Nature offers us pictorial and aesthetic beauty as images and ideas. Artist Ganga Singh adds to it -elements of abstraction, distortion and simplification to create an alternative world and life where the physical and mystical co-inhabit. ‘My paintings are based on my response to nature. They are modern designs with a strong primitive and tribal influence. Symmetry plays an important role in my painting with powerful and simplified forms.’
‘Imagination is the most enjoyable faculty man has. It is God’s gift to man. I believe this imagination provokes him to create and make life worthwhile. Most people ignore their imaginative thoughts. They are too busy in meeting their day to day requirements. I watch my thoughts carefully. They are continuous, without any gap. They take you away from misery….they make you happy ’ says the artist.
Most of the time one feels one’s thoughts are wild dreams, un-reasonable, foolish, as they are absurd. But this is the beauty of thoughts. They recreate combinations, take new form, give birth to new dimensions, and create parallel reality. They balance our existence. Ganga uses forms  associated with our day to day life to tell stories through his paintings. Philosophy, he feels is equally important. Everything, whether it is living man or animal or non-living: all are equal and have emotions like us. They also act & react the same way as humans. Animals, trees and other animated forms in his work have human faces. ‘I give animal like faces to human beings to show their animal instinct, which dominates their behavior in today`s world.. I have made an effort to portray the deep and hidden emotions that we experience. The purity of colors and forms are very evident which depicts the relationship of body and soul. ‘
 In his artistic pursuit he gives importance to his creative expression along with the material and mode he employs. While each material has its limitation in application, he strives to get the maximum out of it, at times even deviating from set procedures and use methods that are not in time with orthodox approach.

Born 1978

Educational Qualification
Mayo College , Ajmer – 1997
Bachelor in fine Arts (B.F.A.)
Master of Fine Arts 2004 , Fine Art College, New Delhi ( M.F.A)

Exhibition & Workshop
2001    Participated in Art Camp organized by  Arvind Singh Ji Mewar.                     
2002    Exhibited in Kala Mela Delhi.
2003    Group show at Arpana Kaur Art gallery in Delhi.
2003-04    Exhibited in Kala Mela Delhi.
                 M.F. Hussain Award Delhi College.
2004    Solo Exhibition in Chennai at Apparao Art  Gallery.                          
2005    Solo Exhibition in Chennai, Apparao Art Gallery.                          
2006    Exhibited in Kalaneri Art Gallery, Jaipur.
2006    Participated in heritage international festival in Jaipur, Curated by Dr. Alka Pandey.
2007    Group exhibition in Daffodils Art Gallery Delhi.
2008    Group show at Ganesha Art Gallery Delhi.                             
2009    Participated in Lalit Kala Camp in Benaras .
2010    Glass blowing workshop in Firozabad.
2011    Exhibited in Triveni Art gallery Delhi.
2012    Made murals for an Art movie Sponsored by N.F.D.C.                          
2013    ‘Young blood’ group show at Apparo Art  Gallery, Madras
2013    Participated in ‘Confluence Des Arts’, At Gallery Artchill, Amber Fort, Jaipur.
2014    Exhibited in Kota Art Gallery.
2014    Exhibited in Mega Art Fair, New Delhi by Gallery Ganesha.
2015    Mega annual exhibition ‘Art Walk’ at   Juneja Art gallery.   
2016    Group Show at Gallery Artchill, Amer Fort, Jaipur.
2019    'Inner voices - outer masks' Group show at Gallery Artchill, Amer Fort, Jaipur.
President House, Chief of Naval Staff, many private collection in India & abroad.