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Born in 1957, New Delhi, India.



1975       First year- painting Weisensee Kunst Hochschule, Berlin, Germany 

1976-81    B.F.A Painting & Printmaking-Delhi College of Art. 

1979-80    Guest student in Print making, College of Art. Santiago, Chile. 

1981-82    Research Fellowship- Delhi College of Art. 

1982-83    Research Grant -Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi. 

1984-85    French Govt. Scholarship -Printmaking, Ecole Des Beaux Arts. Paris,  France.

1990-92    Fellowship, Printmaking, and Painting, Ministry of Human Resources  Development , Delhi.

1986-2005  Lecturer at College of Art, Delhi. 

1990-91    Visiting Faculty Member at School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. 

1993       British Council Grant to visit Art Institutions in London and study Contemporary Art Trends. 





2011   Honoured `Woman Achiever` by Cancer Patients Aid Association BC Sanyal Award for dedicated Teacher from Collage of Arts, New Delhi.

1989   Yuva Mahotsava Award. 

1988   Sahitya Kala Parishad Award. 

1986   Women’s All India show A.I.F.A.C.S. Award International Print Biennale Award Bradford, U.K.





2012    Solo show at `Under the Mango Tree` Berlin, and at Art & Soul, Mumbai

2011    Revisiting The Popular `curetted by Sushma Bahl at Art Positive, New Delhi;  Online show at

2010    Silent Expression` at Icon Gallery, Hyderaad:` Fables Retold` at Galerie  Gondwana, Berlin, Germany.

2009    Migrating Memories` curetted by Hema Singh Rance at Roman Rolland, Alliance Francaise, New Delhi and Apparao Galleries, Chennai.

2006    Kanchan…the story so far…`curetted by Roobina Karode, organized by Delhi Art Gallery, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

2004    Flower Power`` at Arushi Arts,Mumbai.

2003    Siddharta Art Gallery,kathmandu,Nepal.

2002    Dual Worlds`Canberra Museum and Art Gallery, Canberra, Australia. 

2001    Artist of the month - Saffronart.com1999 Alliance Francaise, New Delhi; The Fine Art Company, Mumbai; Gallery   Sumukha, Bangalore.

1998    University of Punjab, Patiala. 

1996    Art Inc, New Delhi. 

1995    British Council Division, New Delhi. India International Centre, New Delhi. 

1993    Gallery Ganesha, Delhi. 

1992    Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal.

1990    Triveni kala Sangam, Delhi.

1986    Miyasaka Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 

1984    Shridharani Gallery,  New Delhi. 

1983    Jahangir  Art Gallery, Mumbai. 





2014   'Treasures of Rajasthan Season II' at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

2014   'Contemporary Figuration' Group show  at  Juneja Art Gallery.

2014    All India Exhibition at Jaipur Art Summit,  Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

2013    India Art Fair, New Delhi; 

        Kalaghoda Art  festival, Mumbai, 

        ”Show Stoppers: Impressions from South esat Asia”: 

        USA, The Grand Printmaking show by ICAC, Mumbai, 

        Group show by Art Chutney, Bangalore

2012    Suggestive Dichotomies-show curetted by Sakhshi Mahajan Group show at Forum Art Gallery, Art Chennai

2012    Khushhi –India on Canvas at Clarion Hotel, New Delhi,` Multiple Encounters `Print show at Lalit Kala Academy.


2011    Bondings-Vinculacion` two person show at Art Lounge, Grand Hyatt, Dubai; 

        Contemporary Art from India & Onam, `Icons-in our midst`- group show organized by Art Speaks, Delh, 

        ‘Continum`-group show organized by Voice on Art at IHC, New Delhi, 

        Portrait of an Artist `by Dhoomi Mal Gallery, New Delhi;

        Feminnale 2011`Group show of women artists organized by F Bar & Lounge and Artsastra,New Delhi


2010    Savera-show at Lalit. New Delhi, Khushii Smile-God vs. Spirituality,  Sparrow- Songs of Sorrow. Songs of Joy-Art raffle held by The Loft at Mumbai.


2009    Sufi-Group show at Art Junction, The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi,  Show Stainless gallery at India Art Summit,New Delhi Small Format by Art Alive at india Art Summit, New Delhi. 'Living Art Expanse' curetted  by Archna & Sushma Bahl at 

Galeria  De Arte at O Palacio, New Delhi `Think Small` at Art Alive. `Ankhee Jhaal Bahira- Seperating Myth & Realty Group show of International Women Artists,  Siddharta Gallery, Kathmandu. Gift for Hussain- Jammia Millia Gallery, New Delhi.


2008    Baisakh- Group show at Polka Art Gallery,New Delhi `Pink is Blue`-Group 

 show at Suruchi Art Gallery, Noida  Ashtanayika-Group show curetted  by Dr. Alka 

 Pande at Stainless Gallery.2007 `Tiger by the Tail!-Women Artist of Indian Transforming Culture` curetted by 

 Roobina Karode and Elinor Gadon at Brandeis University, USA ``ART FOR 

 LIFE``Art auction by Tehelka at Bonhams,London `Imprint` Show curetted  by at 

 Kalpana Shah at Ueno Royal Museum,Japan ; `Made in India` show by Delhi 

 Art gallery Opera Gallery,London.


2006    Digressing Domains` curetted  by Sushma Bahl organized by Nitanjali Gallery

 at Lalit Kala Gallery,New Delhi ;Print show by Bhavana Kakkar at Art kala 

 Akademi,New Delhi.``Harvest-2005`` by Arushi Art at Mumbai. ``Negotiating 

 Matters`` curetted  by Rubina Karode at Anant Gallery,New Delhi. Group show 

 at Hamil Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.


2004    Blood Ties``a collaborative show by Kanchan Chander and Helen Geier at 

 Freemantle Art Centre,Perth,Australia; ``Fair and Furious –II``at  Jebiwool Art 

 Museum, Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival,South Korea and Lalit Kala 

 Akademi, New Delhi.


2003    Group Show at Artspace,Kolkatta; Group Show at Gallerie Alternatives,DLF; 

 Performative Textures`` show curetted  by Alka Pande at India Habitat  

 Centre,New Delhi. ``Fair and Furious``Show curetted  by Sushma Bahl 

 organized by Art Alive at Lalit Kala Akademi,New Delhi; A Collaboration

 of Poems and Painting by Kanchan Chander and Idris Tayeb—IIC, 

 New Delhi and Siddharta Art Gallery,Kathmandu,Nepal,``Today,

 Tomorrow`` Show curetted  by Rattanottam Sengupta at Habiart

 Gallery, New Delhi.


2002   Shakti` Group Show by Gallery Beyond, Mumbai; ``Heat``show curetted  by

 Mrinal and M. L. Jonny at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; ``Connecting`` show 

 by Art Alive at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi.


2001   Collaborative show of Helen Geier & Kanchan Chander, Manuka Art Gallery,

 Canberra, Australia, British Council, New Delhi, Gallery Sumukha, 

 Bangalore; Stree  Shakti”… IHC New Delhi Concern India Auction- Mumbai; 

 Group Show, Hotel “Marriot, New Delhi.


2000   Monsoon show-Sans Tache, Mumbai; Women artisis show at India Habitat 

 Centre, New Delhi; “ Combine”- VisaVis-New Delhi; “Faces by Gallery 



1999   Edge of the Century, New Delhi. “Icons of the Millennium “- Lakeeren, 

 Mumbai. Mini Format Paintings- Sans Tache, Mumbai.


1998   ‘Confluence’ Exhibition in NY and London-organised by Gallery Sumukha: 

 ‘KASTH’ Group show at Shridharani Gallery Triveni, New Delhi: ‘Gouache’ – 

 Group Show by Gallery Art Motif : IPG Portfolio prints- Aakarshan Gallery, 

 New Delhi: The Body show, Art Today, New Delhi.


1997   Indian Contemporary Artists-Ezchenbonn-Germany: Indian Women Artists –

 Mills College - California and NY: ‘KALI - at the Troical Museum - Amsterdam 

 Holland: Emerging Trends - “The Air Gallery“ London : “Looking Glass” at 

 Lakeeren Gallery , Mumbai: ”Indian Beasts” Shridharani Gallery Triveni.1996 Int. Exhibition of Graphic Art , Frenchen, Germany. Mini Print Show - British 

 Council and Gallery Espace. Bharat Bhawan Biennale . Bhopal . “Shatardu” 

 – Exhibition at Rabindra Bhavan.


1995   Norwegian Int. print Triennale: “ Emerging Trends “ Curetted  by Prima Kurien 

 at Rabindra Bhavan: Group show AIFACS Gallery - New Delhi: Print Show –

 Urusvati Gallery - New Delhi: 3 Women Printmakers - Cymorza Art Gallery. 

 Mumbai: IPG Show at Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta: Group Show of 

 Prints - Foundation for Indian Artists, Schoo’s Gallery, Amsterdam.


1994   Indian Printmakers Guild (IPG), Kathmandu, Nepal, 4th Asian Art Show, 

 Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan. 20 Artists, Delhi. National Exhibition, Madras. 


1993   Art Multiple. Dusseldorf. Germany: Messe  Novea, Germany. International 

 Print Triennale,  Frenchen, Germany. International Print Biennale Maastericht, 

 Holland. Asian Festival. Wolverhampton Museum, U.K; Souvenirs De’n 

 France, Delhi.

 Print Show Hussain Ki Sarai, Faridabad, IPG Show, Delhi.


1992   International Print Biennale-Sarcelles, France. Sahitya Kala Parishad Annual 

 Show, Delhi 


1991   Indian Artists, Hamburg, Germany; Mini Print, Norway; Two Person Show, 

 Schoo’s Gallery , Amsterdam, Holland; International Print Biennale-Bharat 

 Bhavan, Bhopal. Group show IPG, Delhi and Bangalore.


1990   International Portrait Exhibition , Tzuzla, Yugoslavia. International 

Exhibition of Graphic Art, Frenchen, Germany. Xal Praxis Foundation -

Exhibition of Graphic Art, Cymroza Gallery, Mumbai. Group show Jahangir, 



1989   International Print Biennale Ljubl jana, Yugoslavia. CMC Drawing, New Delhi. 

 ‘Artists Alert’ for Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust, Delhi . International Print 

  Biennale Bharat Bhavan , Bhopal. 


1988   Vadhera Art Gallery , Delhi. International Print Biennale, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.

1987   Indian Printmakers , Bristol, U.K. Intergrafik, Berlin, Germany. 14 Artists Drawings Group Show, Delhi. International Print Biennale Ljubljana , Yugoslavia.

1986   International Print Biennale, Bradford, UK. All India Women’s Show. 

       A.I.F.A.C.S, Delhi. Two Person Exhibition Shridharani, New Delhi,Jehangir, Mumbai.


1885   Group Show, Paris, National All India Exhibition, Delhi. 

1984   20 Artists, Delhi. Two Person - Garhi Studios, Delhi. Two Person 

       Alliance Francaise, Delhi. 7 Artists, Jahangir, Mumbai. 

1983   International Biennale of Graphic Art, Ljubl jana, Int’l print Biennale, 

       Kanagawa, Japan, A.I.F.A.C.S, Annual, Delhi. National All India

       Exhibition, Delhi. All India Prints Exhibition, Chandigarh. 1982 Annual Exhibition, A.I.F.A.C.S, Delhi. 


1981   Sahitya Kala Parishad Annual Show, Delhi. National All India Art Exhibition.

1980   Two person Lawrence Gallery, Santiago, Chile. Young Artists from India, Berlin, Germany.




2012   Art Camp organized by Dhoomi Mal Gallery at Mandu.

2011   Art camp at Claridges, Suraj Kund y Prithvi Arts.

2010   Art camp at Pondicherry organized by Mukti & Prakrit Arts;at Goa by Voice of  Art  at Bhandharnara by Dhoomi Mal Gallery.

2009   Art camp organized by Rai Foundation at Country Inn, Bhimtal. 

2008   Art camp in Switzerland.

2007   Art camp at Mariott, Mumbai.

2006   Camp in China by Prakrit Arts

2004   Camp at Singapore.

2003   Camp at Barog and Simla, HP, organized by Art River and Northern Railways. 

2001   Residency at Braidwood (near Canberra), Australia; Conducted  Woodcut Workshop at American School,  New Delhi.

2000   Women Artist Camp, IHC, New Delhi.

1999   Kerala Lalit Kala Academy, Munnar: Painting Camp at Hotel Rennaisance, Goa.

1998   Mudh Island Camp- Mumbai. 

1997   Indo - Nepalese Artists Camp at Katmandu organized by Siddhartha Art  Gallery and Gallery Sumukha; Painting Camp at Agra Mughal Sheraton.

1996   Painting Camp at Bhuvaneshwari Kala Kendra, Bhondsi. “Shatadru” Camp at  Crafts Museum curetted  by Alka Raghuvanshi and Seema Bawa in  collaboration with Lalit Kala Academy and Crafts Museum.

1995   GIDC Painting Camp at Umbergaon Gujarat. “Udyan Care” Workshop at  College of Art. Painting Camp, Welcomgroup Hotel Kakatiya, Hyderabad.

1994   4th Asian Art Show Workshop at Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan. All India  Printmakers Camp, Bhubaneshwar Reg. Centre. All India Printmakers Camp-Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. Printmakers Camp- Bagor Ki Haveli- By Takhman Group Udaipur. IPG workshop - Art Council , Kathmandu, Nepal.

1993   Painting Camp- by Takhman - Udaipur. 

1991   Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore. 

1989   Womens Camp at Calcutta by Genesis Art Gallery. 

1988   Artists Camp at Calcutta by Genesis Art Gallery. 

1986   Graphic and Drawing Camp organized by Sahitya Kala Parished,  Delhi.





Founder member of IPG (Indian Printmakers Guild) 

2000   Cocuretted  with Sushma Bahl “See Through” - Paintings on glass at British  Council Division , New Delhi.

2000   Cocuretted  “ Combine “ Voices of the New Century in collaboration with Gallery   Alternations and Vis-a -Vis at NGMA, New Delhi.

1995   Coordinated - “Light and Enlightenment” Show in Collaboration with Foundation for Indian Art, Amsterdam and ISLE at Pragati Maidan.

1995   Cocuretted  Emerging Trends in collaboration with Art Inc at Lalit Kala Academy- New Delhi.





1998      Charles Wallace Scholarship. Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi. 

1997-95   Inlakhs Foundation. 






2011 `Shringhar`by Dr.Alka Pande; Centurium-article by Uma Nair Book by Voice on 

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 Sushma Bahl in conversation with Kanchan`-Revisiting the Popular` 


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2006 ``Ardhanarishvara—the androgyne..probing the gender within by Dr. 

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 By Maryann Millford, Michael Ludgrove and Geeti Sen. 


2005 `Inherit the World`` by Seema Bawa in Art India magazine ; A book review of 

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2002   `Design & Interiors`-by Nirupama Dutt ; (A-N) magazine-UK`s leading 

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1998 Marg magazine “Newsletter from the USA“ West Coast - Tushara Bindu Gude. 

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1996   “Vatsalya” Roobina Karode Indian Designs & Interiors “ Kanchan Chander” – Suneet Chopra.


1995   Article on Kanchan Chander for 3 Women artists at Cymorza Gallery, Mumbai- Shukla Sawant An exhibition of Paintings & Prints at British Council,

       New  Delhi- Pooja  Sud. Hindustan times “Painting it red“ - Aruna  Srinivasan 

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1989    Patriot- Reflective Graphics “- P.N. Mago. 

1983    Indian Express “ Living Graphics”-Sarosh Bana




National Gallery Modern Art, Delhi.  Mumbai International Airport Kiran Nadar 

Museum, New Delhi Lawrence Gallery, Santiago; College of Art. Lalit Kala Academy, 

Delhi, Chandigarh Museum,  Patiala Museum. British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Paris, France, Fukuoka Art Museum- Japan, 

Glenberra Museum, Japan; Air India , Delhi Art Gallery, New Delhi. Private  Collections in India and abroad.