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Born 21st April 1968





1997   Organized One Man Show in SWITZERLAND (Zurich and Geneva) Sponsored by living colour exposition 

2006   One Man Show “PRATIKSHYA” in Jayadev Bhavan Bhubaneswar was inaugurated by chief minister Naveen Pattanaik

2006   One Man Show “PRATIKSHYA -2” was exhibited at Aparna Kaur Art Gallery sponsored by Krishna Art Gallery New Delhi.

2007   One Man Show of Manas Ranjan Jena Organized and sponsored by Royal museum, Jhansi U.P.

2008   One Man Show of Manas Ranjan Jena sponsored by freedom art Gallery New Delhi.

2008   One Man Show of Manas Ranjan Jena at Triveni Art Gallery.

2009   Group Show at I.F.A.S. 2009 Sponsored by Ankan Art foundation Bambay.

2010   Group Show at queens Art Gallery sponsored by wish Brush BBSR. Bangkok.

2010   Organized One Man Show at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.

2011   Organized Two Men Show at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.

2011    Group Show at Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai.





1997    Orissa State Lalit Kala Academy Awards for painting TEMPLELION.

2002     Awarded by All India Fine art and craft society for state level exhibition. 

1987    Orissa state Lalit Kala Academy Award for SKETCH-1.

1990     National gold medal awarded by Association of Indian Universities for Visual Art in National Youth Festival, Roorkee University.

• Zonal Silver medal awarded by Association of Indian Universities for Visual Art organized by Banaras Hindu University .U.P.

2005    Shilpiguru Bimbadhara Burma award.

2005    Awarded by O.T.D.C. 





2006     Royal Museum, Jhansi, U.P. 

2005     Swaraj Bhawan, Bhopal, M.P.

2005     Adivashi LOKA Sansthan , Bhopal, M.P.  

2006     OTDC Orissa. 

2006     Regional museum of Natural History, Orissa. 

2005     Adibasi Lok Kala Museum, Khajuraho M.P. 

2007     Jammu University, Jammu, J&K.

2007     I.T.D.C. at Jaipur -Rajasthan. 





1997     Living color exposition -Switzerland  Zurich and Geneva.

1995,96,02    Participated in the Artists camp organized by Lalit Kala Academy.

2005     Swaraj Bhawan Bhopal.

2006     Royal MuseumJhansi.

2001     Participated in the State Level Painters’ camp organised by Lalit Kala Academy at Rourkela.

2006     Participated in world tourism Day art competition organized by Orissa tourism Department in.

2005     Organized three- artist camp through the living colour exposition at Puri, Bhubaneswar and Baripada,

2007     Organized a National Level Artist camp at Bhubaneswar, sponsored by Krishana Art Gallery New Delhi.

2007     Organized a National Level Artist camp Bhubaneswar, sponsored by Dreamz Art Gallery new Delhi.

2009     Organized a National level Artist camp at BBSR .sponsored by Anakan Art founded at Mumbai.

2010     Organized a National level Artist camp at BBSR, sponsored by TATA STEEL.

2010     Organized a state level Artist camp at Bangkok, sponsored by wish Brush. 




Joined as Instructor in B.K. College of Art and Crafts, since 1991.

I have participated a monthly exhibition with Mr. Aswini Gatha.

(Inter National Level Photographer ) in Switzerland 1997.

I have done drawing for a Documentary Book Oddissi Nrutya-

Sarani under guidance of Padma Bhusana Kelucharan Mahapatra,

PadmaShree Sanjukta Panigrahi, and PadmaShree Kumkum Mohanty.





Orissa Lalit Kala Academy, Bhubaneswar.

Living colour exposition Switzerland.

Residence Charli Chapplin Switzerland and London.

Orissa State museum.

Governor house Orissa.

Orissa Secretariat, Bhubaneswar.

Swaraj Bhawan, Bhopal (M.P.)

Adibasi Lok Kala museum Khajuraho (M .P)

Royal museum, Jhansi.

Private collection by Chief Minister Naveen pattnaik.

Private collection by Krishana Art Gallery, New Delhi.

Private collection by MEC Art Gallery, New Delhi.

Old Bidhan Sabha ,Orissa.

Atlanta Hotel Zurich.

Private collection by Times of India.