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Lyrical Symphony .....

The elements and forms of nature exist in marvelous harmony and rhythm. They enthrall us and together create a music, which soothes the soul and inspires the mind in myriad ways.

The works of Prakash Deshmukh reinstate and celebrate the very essence of nature. The artist unravels the nature, especially the flora, and with it creates a soothing ambience. In his paintings human beings dive deep into the vicinities of natural beauty and musical magic. And, hence the trio, nature, music and mankind altogether exist in a peaceful and subtle ecstasy, in the works.

The artist with a well-adjusted and fluent hand constructs his compositions. The figures form an indispensable part of his paintings. They assimilate well with the flora, and seem absolutely poetic and lyrical in their stances and positions. The figures are carved out of rhythmic, continuous lines. In spite of having volume the figures also imbibe into them a lightness, which at times grants them the fantasized and surreal feel of floating in space. The colours are approached with a rather restricted palette as the artist often explores the intensity of analogous colour scheme and arrives at marvelous results. The over all impact of the colour application is a finished and bright look, which glitters like precious stones. In the various tints and shades he excavates a space where the flora appears and diffuses in the background, in a very subtle and soft manner.

The presence of musical instruments blends well with the natural elements and figures. They also add an essence of allegory. The male and female figures, when appear together, weave a pleasant and harmonious abode with each other. The figures with their half closed eyes seem to be caught in the magic of the moment, as they embrace the beauty of the surroundings with an open heart and soul.

The artist’s affinity for the traditional Indian miniature painting is apparent. He, in a very personalized manner, extracts influence from them and yet also remains modern and contemporary in all his works.

The artist chooses for his works the very captivating twilight zones when the sunlight is dim and everything is covered with a mystic and magical spell. In such time zone the ‘nayak’ and ‘nayika’, get drawn into a trance, where they become ‘one’ with the intricacies of music and nature.

They strum the strings and play music, which slowly spreads into the space like a scent, tender and strong, delicate and everlasting.
Palak Dubey

BORN : 1975, Latur (MS), India.



1999 G. D. Art (Drawing of Painting) L. S. Raheja School of Art’s, Mumbai
2000 Dip A. ED. (Diploma in art education) Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya Pune
1995 B. A. (Bachelor or Art’s) Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya Latur



2000 ‘Best Landscape Painting’ The Art Society of India, Mumbai
1999 Best water colour, camlin prize L. S. Raheja School of Art’s Mumbai
1999 On the Spot Landscape competition prize ving (Sangali)
1996 ‘Vanchit Vikas’ Poster competition prize, Latur


2015 Group Exhibition at Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur
2015 Group Exhibition at Jakarta
2015 ‘Small is beautiful’ Masters collection Art gallery at Kolkata
2015 Mega Annual Exhibition Artchill presents Juneja Art gallery Jaipur
2015 Third Eye Art gallery present grp show at Taj Hotel in Bengalore  
2014 Ireo Art Beats by Gallerie Angel Arts & Art Bounty in Ludhiana
2014 “Water Lilies & Lotus” The Renaissance Art gallery, Pune
2014 AIF Ninth Annual Chicago gala, Chicago, 8th Annual New England gala, Bostan, organize by Asian Art Gallery
2013 Gallery Pradarshak Khar (W.), Mumbai
2014,12 Art Fusion Show Nehru center, Mumbai
2014,12,09 “one hundred thousand & fifty thousand” visual art gallery India habitat centre, New Delhi
2011 “Cars & Canvases” show present by Gaikwad Art Foundation Worli Mumbai  
2008 Donation show for the Shahid Police Jawan in Mumbai Terrorist Attack at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2008 Exhibition of Indian Contemporary Artist ‘Original’s’ at Singapore
2008 “Access Art Show” Vinnyasa Art Gallery, Chennai
2008 ‘Chatak’ Mansoon show at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008 Gallery Artchill at Amber Palace, Jaipur
2008 “Passion of Illustrious Artist” Kanchan Art Gallery, Jaipur  
2007 “Rhythem of Colour” Exhibition at Kolkata
2007 “The Monsoon Show” by Legacy Art Gallery Mumbai
2007 “The lure of tradition” Vinnyasa Art Gallery Chennai
2006 Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur
2015,14,13,12,11,10,06 Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai
1998 Sunet Lumire Art Gallery, Mumbai



2012 Hirji Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2010 Niavedya Art Gallery, Colaba, Mumbai
2009 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 ‘The Art Entrance’ Gallery Kala Ghoda, Mumbai



‘CRY UK’ Art auction May 2015
‘CRY AMERICA’ conducted by sotheby’s in New York, 7th Nov. 2014
‘CRY AMERICA’ conducted by sotheby’s in New York, May 2013
Contemporary Art festival, Aid of Christel House Bengaluru 24th Aug. 2012  



World Bank   
Various Private Collection in India & Abroad