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Jagadish Chinthala

Jagadish Chinthala is a beneficiary of that revolution in art, which, beginning in the late 1950s and triumphing generally by the early 1980s, has overthrown the traditional academic differentiation between painting and sculpture, and made possible the emergence of a variety of hybrid practices. OVer the last decade, Jagadish has addressed himself patiently to the development of one such hybrid practice. Liberated from having to choose between surface and volume as the preferred focus of his work, the artist casts papier-mache and Acrylic on Aluminium sculptures, either as columnar figures or as masks. These sculptures are then painted usually in the high-keyed palette that is identified as Jagadish's hallmark.
Born in 1956 in Hyderabad, Southern India, Jagadish took a diploma in painting(1978) from the Fine Arts and Architecture College of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University in his home city Hyderabad. He then studied mural design at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, graduating in 1980. Seven years later, the artist travelled to the UK on a grant that enabled him to study Henry Moore's sculpture: it was there that he underwent what he regards as a peak experience, when he stepped into the gallery of African masks permanently on display at the British Museum, London. The African mask-maker's art had an electric effect on jag dish, triggering off a process of discovery across mask traditions, which was to transform the graph of his development as an artist.
The Artist now divides his time among homes in Michigan, Florida, and India. He visits the UK as often as he can, stopping over on his voyages across the Atlantic. A transcontinental figure, he finds that he must tap into the life of various societies, fit into various communities, decode various cultures. Globalisation pervasive as it is, cannot homogenise every feature of cultural specificity, and even though the same consumer goods may not be available in Miami and Mumbai, the same attitudes do not necessarily obtain in the two locations. The processes of globalisation unite people within one flow of goods and services, only to separate them by differences of value and power.
This continual slipping from one identity to another finds articulation in the mask on a mask effect that Jagadish often summons up, it is a though one dissimulation were slipping off, to reveal yet another or perhaps as though one version of the reality were being peeled away to reveal another. Such masks demonstrate the simultaneous operation of two processes, that of understanding the other, and that of self-making. Jagadish's masks testify to a private inquiry as well as a social orientation. Also, less noticeable than the celebration, but no less active for that, is an element of social critique. Jagadish seems to ask: What is it like to live in a global society in which one operates from behind a sequence of masks, as from behind the visor of an armour-suit, and can never reveal one's true face? And then, can there ever be a true face in the masquerade?
But these questions are not shouted out with passionate intensity: rather, they are attended by a gentle smile. For these masks are the records of a traveller at large in world society, products of relaxed art that is of an for the present. Jagadish's art communicates his relaxed curiosity about other people, their lives, their interests, how they make and display themselves, construct their identities, announce themselves to the world. This attitude leads him neither to romanticise the social, cultural or sexual Other, nor to deal in an updated anthropology of the global contemporary phrased in stereotypes. Rather, it enables him to engage in an art of portraiture that is sympathetic even in its critical moments: Jagadish's images embody, above all, that need to connect which provokes the artist to form a relationship of dialogue and discovery with his world, without being paralysed by anxieties about a water-tight, travel-proof ethnic or national identity.


1980: Two-year Post Diploma in Mural Design with first class, M.S.University, Baroda.
1978: Five-year Diploma in Painting with First Class, J.N.T. University, Hyderabad.
1972:Intermediate with Science.
1970: School Secondary Certificate


Solo Exhibitions

2006: Garden, Series of collages at De Graffe Farsythe Gallery Inc, Michigan, USA.
2005: Landscape.Series of paper collages presented by Apparao Gallery, New Delhi and Chennai.
2004: Fresh Flowers.Papier mache sculptures at De Graffe Forsythe Gallery Inc, Machigon, USA.
2003: Masks and Collages du Papier, De Graaf fine Art Inc., Sauatuck and West Palm Beach, USA.
2002: Full Foliage.Son-Et-Lumiere Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2002: Geometry of Nature.DAIRA Centre for Art and Culture, Hyderabad.
2001: Rubble Renewed.Metal Wall Sculptures, De Graaf Fine Art, Inc., Saugatuck, USA.
2000: Friends and Neighbors.De Graaf Fine Art Inc., Saugatuck, USA.
2000: Millennial Posts and Masks. De Graaf Fine Art Inc., Saugatuck, USA.
1997: Indian summer, Castle Gate Gallery, Cocker Mouth, UK.
1996: Panorama of Nature. Surya Galley, Hyderabad.
1996: Patpourri, DeGraaf Fine Art Inc. Saugatuck, USA.
1995: Animals and Pots. Sculptures and Pots Exhibition DeGraaf Fine Art Inc., Saugatuck, USA.
1995: American Friends, Hand Painted paper-Mache Sculptures, DeGraaf Fine Art Inc. Saugatuck, USA.
1994:Doors.Sakshi Gallery, Chennai &Bangalore.
1993:Doors.C.C.M.B, Hyderabad.
1993:Doors.L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.
1992-93, 94, 95: Collages du Papier, De Graaf Fine Art Inc., Chicago and Saugatuck, USA.

International Exhibitions

2007: Art for Concern: Charity auction by Christies, Mumbai Art Campus.
1999: Past Present Future, The Lake Side Gallery, Michigan, USA.
1998: 2nd Bharath Bhavan Biennial of Contemporary Indian in Bhopal.
1998: Exhibition Sponsored by city of Stuttgart, Germany.
1996: The New South, Contemporary Art from South India supported by the Arts Council of England, The Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the Delfina Trust, Delfina Gallery, London, UK.
1996: East meets West, Castle Gate Gallery, Cocker Mouth, UK.
1993: Meeting Point South Asian Artist Exhibition in Varvell Hampton Museum, part of the South Asian Visual Art Festival in UK.
1993: Sanghi All India Art Camp, Hyderabad.
1992: Chicago Art Expo.
1991: Artists in Residence, The Lake Side Gallery, Michigan, USA.
1991: New Art Form Expo, Chicago.
1987: 3 Indian Artist’s Group Show Sponsored by Schwerpunt Gallery, Stuttgart, West Germany. Also 5 Indian Artist Group Shows in West Germany in the same year.
1987: Participated in South Indian Mural Camp organized by Lalit kala Academy, Regional Center Chennai.
1986 & 1990: 6th & 7th Triennial International Exhibition in India.
1986: Seoul Contemporary Asian Art Show 86, National Museum of Modem Art, Korea
1986: Cuba Binnial.International Art, Hawana, Cuba.
1986:2nd Asian Art Show .Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan, through National gallery of Modern Art, N Delhi Art Auction.
1984: Participated in Mr.Paul Lengren (USA) Graphic Camp organized by American Information centre.
1981: Participated in Graphic camp organised by A.P.Kala Academy, Hyderabad.

Travelling Exhibitions

1993-94: Oriel Gallery, New Town (Wales),
UK Blue Coat Gallery, Liverpool,
UK. York Shine Sculpture Park, Wake Field,
UK Paper Sculpture Exhibition travelled in UK

Group Exhibitions
2016: Group Show at Gallery Artchill, Amber FOrt, Jaipur.
2008: From the Everyday to the Imagined.Museum of Art, Seoul National University.
2008: Miniature Format Show.Sanstache Art gallery, Mumbai.
2008:Continuum.Curated by Sushma Bahl & Archana B.Sapra at Hyatt Regency for Udayan Care, New Delhi.
2008: Time & Material at the Stainless gallery presented by Aakriti Art Gallery and Art Konsult, New Delhi.
2007-08: From the Everyday to the Imagined.An exhibition of Indian Art. Singapore art Museum
2007: International Art fair, Singapore.
2007:60 Years of Indian Independence.Initiated by U.C.L.A. Film & Television Archive,USA with Artwallah & Habitat Foundation for India Splendour,Los Angelea,USA.
2007: Vanity Fair curated by Bhavna Thakkar at Mon Art Gallery, Kolkata.
2007: Resurgent Memories in memory of Mahendra Jain.Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi.
2007:Dakshinayan.Nvya Gallery, New Delhi.
2007: Tryst with Telangana.Sarjan Art Gallery, Vadodara.
2006: Kaleidoscope. Art since 1900-2006 presented by ICCR Gallery, Hyderabad.
2006: Sands of Colours.Curated by Dr Avni Rao Gandra for Art n Soul, New Delhi.
2005: Joie De Vivre.Ravindra Bhavan, curated by Bhavna Kakkar for Art Consult, New Delhi.
2003:Rain.Curated by Bina Sarkar Ellias, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai.
2001: The RPG Collection. Self Portraits & Mumbai Artist, National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.
2000:Embarkations.Curated by Yashodhara Dalmia, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai.
2000: Millennium Masks.Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi.
2000: Roop Rekha Exhibition of Drawings, curated by Atiya Amjad, Lakshana Gallery, Hyderabad.
1999, 2000 & 2001: The Harmony Show, sponsored by Reliance Industries Ltd. At Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
1999: Endeavour.Limited edition of Etching Prints,Indian Council for Cultural relations,Hyderabad.
1999: Art with a Heart.National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, in association with The Art trust.
1990: 50 Artists of Fame & Promise.Studio One Gallery Chanakya, New Delhi.
83-84, Chennai;
83-84, Bangalore;
84, Goa;
84, New Delhi;
84, 85,86,87,88 & 89, Mumbai;
88,West Germany;
87, USA;
89, Self Portrait;
90, Art Yatra;
90, Three generation of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad;
94, Deccan Artist Show at Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai;
97, Human Form, Regional Center, Chennai

Important Collections

National Gallery of Modern Art - New Delhi
India Bharat Bhavan Museum for Contemporary for Tribal Art - Bhopal
India Chennai State Museum - Chennai
India Glasgow Museum of Modern Art - Glasgow
UK Peabody Essex Museum - Salem
Massachusetts- USA

Art Commissions

1981: Executed 14’ *4’ size stucco relief mural in faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, India.
1980: Executed 14’ * 10’ size fresco mural in faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda, India Commissioned to copy Mural from lepakshi Temple by A.P. Kala Academy, Hyderabad, India.

2007-08: Charity Auction of Contemporary Indian Art, Mumbai. Mission Greenscape and Art Auction to Save Nature.
2007: Charity Auction for Help Age India, New Delhi, Art for Aged.
2006-07: Christies Auction 2006 for in Aid of Concern India Foundation, Mumbai.

Outstanding Achievement Awards

1991: The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award for 1993, New York, USA.Invited for artist in Residence at Lake Side Studios, Chicago, USA.
1987: Youth Festival I.I.T. Kanpur.
1984: Artist Council All India Miniature Benali, Hyderabad, India.
1983 &1984: State Lalit Kala Academy Annual Exhibitions, Andhra Pradesh, India.
1983: Hyderabad Art Society All India Exhibition, Hyderabad, India.
1981: Artist Council All India Drawing Exhibition, Hyderabad, India.
1981: Bharat Kala Parishad All India Art Exhibition, Hyderabad, India.
1981: Atul All India Drawing Exhibition, Ahmadabad, India Scholarships.
1987: British Council and Charles Wallace India Travelling Grant for study on Henry Moore in Britain.
1984-85: Lalit Kala Academy Research Grant fellowship (Garhi Studios).
1978-80: Awarded Andhra Pradesh State Lalit Kala Academy Scholarship for Post-Diploma in Mural-Design Conducted several workshops for children and art teachers in India and South London Gallery, London, U.K., Vorvel Hompan Museum, U.K. and presently working from Hyderabad, India and Michigan, USA.