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Mystical Windows
I live in a prosperous country that is blooming with art, culture & ethnic
traditions and practices. Multiplicity of the Indian culture can be seen in our
architecture, paintings, cinema, music and day to day life style of the people.
Besides Indian art and culture I have a fascination for different cultures and
the its impression is quite visible in my art works. Since childhood our
historical beautiful buildings like our Hawamahal, our Shekhawati Havelies &
palaces attract me. Commutable and interactive windows of these buildings &
monuments create a mystery for me & these windows always beckon me,
even in my dreams !! These windows take shape of a hole in my work, like a
basic form of a circle, or a square window, or a rectangle. The Indian
Contemporary social and cultural landscape contains so many intellectual,
emotional and mystic holes and these are linked to hidden aspects of our self.
The different colours and shapes of holes can have both negative and positive
Human figures play an important role to make my works more expressive and
distinguished. Emotions, Expressions, relations between people and their life
style are the catalysts that magnetize & add momentum to my artistic
contemplation. That is why known- unknown human figures have become an
essential element of my work & i am always eager to experiment with them in
my artistic pursuit as i further enhance them with Colors, form, texture &