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‘ ME  & YOU ’  
Emotive Graphs by SANT KUMAR
My paintings are mostly fluid Life Expressions. Me and my paintings , together weave a world in which both are active participants. My art tries to capture the intricacies & ambiguities of human heart being depicted through facial expressions. My work is all about the rapidly changing moods & expressions of people who I see around me.
ART for me is a synthesis of what I see, feel & pour on the canvass all the time, while I paint,  the line between the real and creative world disappears. My work is an amalgamation of both- the endless flow of life and my own fluid creative process.
In our journey of Life as we leave some moments behind, we carry forward some within ourselves , so when i paint, these memories reappear and the layers keep peeling off too at the same time, thus giving fluidity and rigorous mobility to my expressive compositions. In some compositions my choice of color tones try to depict the realities & sufferings of life, the palette of which varies from colorful romantic renderings to dark & gloomy moods. I take cue from smoky reflections of ME & YOU mirrored in illusions which sometimes flare up & sometimes extinguish…..these colored images pour down with a gust of wind & splatter of rain….i feel I am a drone in never ending season of colors. The spectacle of time which changes like molten wax & these weavings of colors in which I get enmeshed and dream of YOU , are reflected in these imageries. I take off in my flight in this dreamy world, I see myself in my canvass weavings which is strangely somewhat like YOURSELF