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Born    Hyderabad 1951, ANDHRA PRADESH
National Diploma in PAINTING (Distinction) 
College of Fine Arts & Architecture, -1971 to ‘76
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University,
HYDERABAD - (A.P.) India.
2012   “Colours 2012” by Art Land Gallery at Dubai.
2012   Asian international art exhibition Karachi, Pakistan.
2006   National Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi Exhibition- Damascus (Syria).
2006   Visited Europe on “ART TOUR” (Paris, Rome, Florence).
2006   “CHRISTIES” Concern India Auction, at Grand Hyatt. Dubai. MUMBAI - Mar’. 
2005   Participated in the group exhibition, SPAIN.
2001   Contemporary Indian Painting, “Tradition to Modernity, Fulda, Germany (near Frankfurt), Kristadt in Sweden, May 5th – June 20th, In Collaboration with Kleinasassen Art Gallery 
1998    Appa rao, Galleries. New York, London.
1995    Appa rao, Galleries. Group Exhibition at Djakarta.
1993   “The Gallery” summer shows at London, New York.
1992   “The Gallery” summer shows in Chicago, London, Hong-kong, Singapore and Bangkok.
2013   'Confluence des Arts'  a group show of 100 artists at Gallery Artchill, Amber Fort , jaipur.
2012   “verve. “ water colour exhibition at art perspective gallery  New delhi
2012   “Women : Sacred and the Temporal. “ at Shrishti Art Gallery Hyderabad.  
2012   Colours 2012, Prince of Wales Musem, Mumbai.
2011   National Art Teachers Exhibition at CKP Benguluru.
2011   Group show for Concern India at Taj Deccan Hyderabad. 
2011   Women Dissilience, At Muse Gallery Hyderabad. 
2011   Art Fusion show at Nehru Center - Mumbai.
2011   Juneja Art Gallery Group show at Le-Meridian - Jaipur.
2010   Daira art Gallery and Taj Deccan -Hyderabad.
2010   Hyderabad Artists Group show – Karma art Gallery - Ahmedabad.
2010   Art from Telangana at Visual art Gallery, Habitat Centre -New Delhi.
2010   52 National Exhibition Lalit Kala Academi New Delhi at - Kolkata. 
2009   “Deccan Suite” Shrishti Gallery, at Jehangir art gallery -Mumbai. 
2009   “Expressions” Dhoomimal city Gallery-New Delhi.
2009   Studio Napean, Art gallery Mumbai. 
2009   Icon Art gallery- Hyderabad.
2009   “Symphony” An Exhibition of Small Format Paintings & Drawings by Artists From all over India. Minaz Art Gallery- Hyderabad.
2009   Birla Academy of Art and Culture- Kolkata
2008   “Colours of Hyderabad-II” Samanvai Gallery- Jaipur.
2008   Birla Academy of Art and Culture- Kolkata
2007   “Dakshinayan”, Nvya Art Gallery- New Delhi.
2007   Birla Academy of Art and Culture-Kolkata.
2007   Minaz art Gallery, Anniversary Exhibition- Hyderabad.
2006   “CHRISTIES” Concern India Auction- Mumbai.
2006   “People for Animals” Exhibition organized by Minaz Art Gallery- Hyderabad.
2006   “Colours of Hyderabad” at India art Gallery- Pune.
2006   “Transitions” Pravas Bharatiya Group Exhibition by Daira Art Gallery- Hyderabad.
2006   National Art Exhibition Titled “Virasat”, Samanvay Gallery- Jaipur.
2006   “Kaleidoscope” curated by Padmasri Jadishmittal, Kalabhavan- Hyderabad.
2006   Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Annual Exhibition- Kolkata.
2006   Times of India Exhibition curated by  ms.Rattnottamasen Gupta, L.V.Prasad Gallery- Hyderabad.
2006   Telanga artists, Sarjan art gallery- Vadodara
2006   “Deccan command” by Shirishti at Sridharani Gallery- New Delhi.
2005   Jury member of 7th Southern Region Camlin Annual art Exhibition- Bangalore.
2005   Group exhibition of Vinayasa Art Gallery at Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore.
2005   Minaz Gallery Annual show- Hyderabad.
2005   “Barsan Laagi” Monsoon Show, Daira Gallery Hyderabad.
2005   Shrishti Gallery- Hyderabad.
2005   Pegasus Gallery- Hyderabad.
2004   Dhoomimal Gallery- New Delhi
2002   “City Scapes” Appa rao Galleries- Chennai.
2002   44th National Exhibition Lalita kala Akademi, New Delhi, conducted at Ahmadabad.
2002   All India art Exhibition at Center for Cellualar and Molecular Biology- Hyderabad.
2001   Art World Gallery- Chennai.
2001   Southern Region Exhibition organized by the Regional Lalit Kala Akademi Chennai and Lalit kala Akademi Kerala at Ernakulam. 
2001   43rd National Exhibition of Art Lalitakala Akademi, New Delhi. Conducted at Bangalore
2000   Young Faces in Contemporary Art, Birla Academy -Kolkata
2000   Women Artists show at Threshold Art Gallery- Vishakhapatnam.
2000   Minaz Art Gallery Millenniums Show- Hyderabad.
1999   CCMB- Hyderabad. 
1998   CCMB- Hyderabad.
1998   Nandan Gallery- Santiniketan.
1997   Human Form & Art curated by sri.ReddyappaNaidu- Chennai. 
1997   AIFACS - New Delhi.
1997   2nd All India Art Biennale at –Rajasthan LKA Jaipur.
1996   2nd Word Telugu Conference, ICCR Gallery- Hyderabad.
1995   All India Art Exhibition, Chitra Kala Parishad- Bangalore.
1995   All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society Exhibition- New Delhi.
1995   All India Artists art Exhibition Sanghinagar- Hyderabad.
1994   Hyderabad Art Society show at Kala Bhavan- Hyderabad.
1993   All India Artists art Exhibition Sanghinagar- Hyderabad.
1992   summer show organized by Society for Promotion of Art at Coromandel House Hyderabad.
1988   Women Artists of Hyderabad, Group Exhibition sponsored by C.C.M.B. & L.V.Prasad Eye Institute- Hyderabad.
1977   All India art Exhibition Hyderabad Art Society
1974   World Telugu Conference- Hyderabad.
2011  Homage to GURUDEV National Art Teachers Art camp at CKP Benguluru.
2011  Contributed for Medwin Heart foundation, Hyderabad.
2011  Organized   ‘Artist  residency programme” for mfa batch  at the college of fine arts JNA FA UNIVERSITY, Hyderabad.
2010  Organized Miniature painting work shop, Dept of Painting college of Fine arts, Hyderabad.
2010   6th International Painters and Sculptors camp org, by Neerja Modi Global School Jaipur.
2010  National artist Camp by LKA New Delhi, at Raipur.
2009  National Artists camp Juneja art Gallery at Le-Meridian Jaipur.
2008   Organized Print-Making work shop, Dept of Painting college of Fine arts, Hyderabad.
2007   National Artists Camp at Goa, by Samanvai Art Gallery.
2007   National Artists Camp at Jaipur, by Bhoruka Trust.
2005   Organized Mosaic Mural work shop, Dept of Painting college of Fine arts, Hyderabad.
2005   National artist camp Juneja art Gallery- Jaisalmer
2003   National artist camp Tata’s- Jamshedpur.  
2003   National artist Camp by LKA New Delhi, Mt.abu, Rajasthan.
2002   National artist Camp at CCMB, Hyderabad.
2001   National artist camp Aurodhan Gallery Pondicherry & Taj Krishna-Hyderabad.
2001   National Painters Camp organized by Lalitakala Academi, New Delhi & South Zone -Cultural Centre Tanjavur at Mysore.
2001   National artist camp Art world Gallery Chennai at Pondicherry.
2001   National artist camp by Dept.of Tourism ShilpaRamam- Hyderabad.
2001   Print making workshop organized by the Regional Centre of Lalitakala Akademi Chennai, at the 'Golden Threshold' Hyderabad Central University.
1998  National artist camp ABC India Ltd.-Varanasi.
1997   National artist camp LKA New Delhi at Regional Centre- Chennai.
1996   Inter-National Painters and Print Makers Camp at Jawahar Kala Kendra- Jaipur.
1995   Inter-National multimedia Artist camp West zone cultural centre- Udaipur.
2012    Exhibition of Paintings and drawings - Lalit Kala Galleries- New Delhi.
2009   Exhibition of Paintings at Shristi Gallery- Hyderabad.
2008    Paintings on Glass, and coloured Drawings at Karma art Gallery Ahmedabad.
2005    Exhibition of Paintings at Hacienda Gallery- Mumbai.
2000    Exhibition of Paintings and Prints Jehangir Art Gallery- Mumbai.
1998    Exhibition of Paintings Taj Art Gallery- Mumbai.
1997    Exhibition of Paintings Jehangir Art Gallery- Mumbai.
1996    Exhibition of Paintings Lalit Kala Galleries- New Delhi.
1995    Exhibition of Paintings Taj Art Gallery- Mumbai.
1993    Exhibition of Paintings Taj Art Gallery- Mumbai. 
1991    Exhibition of Paintings Kala Bhavan- Hyderabad.
2002   Ladies Circle India.
1997   New Delhi - 50 Years Celebrations AIFACS Award. 
1995   All India Creative Drawing Award from Chandigarh.
1988   Women's International Year Award.  
1977   All India art Exhibition Hyderabad Art Society.
National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. 
Lalit Kala Academi, New Delhi. 
Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.
Tata Industries at 'Bombay House', Mumbai 
ABC India Ltd. Varanasi, 
Tata Centre, Jamshedpur.
Madras Museum of Modern Art, 
Chennai, Regional Centre Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai. 
Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata 
Rajasthan Lalitkala Akademi, Jaipur. 
Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur.
Andhra Pradesh Contemporary Museum, 
A.P Police Academy, 
Dept. of Culture & Tourism govt. A.P., Hyderabad.
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.
Tata Consultancy Services Hyderabad.
Works on Christie’s Auction – Mumbai & Dubai – 2006.
Many private collections in India and Abroad.
Retired As Professor & Head of The Dept.of Painting, College of Fine Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture  & Fine Arts University, Masabtank, Hyderabad – 500028.(A.P.) INDIA.