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Born 1948 Midnapore ,West Bengal, India.





1974   Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Arts), College of Art, New Delhi, .





2006   Gallerie Ganesha, New Delhi.

2004   Gallerie Ganesha, New Delhi.

2002   Wanganui Collegiate School, New Zealand. 

2002   Gallerie Ganesha, New Delhi 

1996,1998,1999  Gallerie Ganesha, New Delhi.

1996   Sanskriti Arts Gallery, Kolkata.

1999   Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur.

1980   Huthee Sigh Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.





1994   Participated in several prestigious group shows, art camps, art festivals, including the 8thtrieniale.

1998   International Exhibitions of Arts WLRA, World Congress, UNESCO, Jaipur. 

2002   Group Show at Plymouth, New Zealand. 

2013   'Confluence des Arts' a group show of 100 artists at Gallery Artchill, Amber Fort, jaipur.





1980   Attended Artists Camps, Udaipur, organized by ‘AAJ’ group and R.L.K.A., Jaipur. 

1988   Appointed Member of the General Council and Executive Committee of Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy, Jaipur. 

1997   Invited  to an International Artists Camp, organized by S.C. Agromixt,  S.A. Catalina, Transylvania, Romania. 

1997   Visited U.K. to attend the Centenary year celebration of TATE Art  Gallery, London.

1996   Invited to an All India Artist Camp organized by H.H. Maharaja of Jodhpur. 

2001   Visited Bangladesh as Art Councilor.  





Annual Art Exhibition, organized by College of Art, New Delhi in water colour, 1969, 1970 and 1974.

Rajasthan lalit Kala 

Academy, Jaipur, State Awards 1986, 1989 and 1996

Senior Artist’s honoured in Kala Mela, R.L.K.A. 2004.

IFACS award, 2005.

Bharat Jyoti Award, New Delhi,  2008.






1972     Mural Paintings in Oil under Late Mr. B. Dasgupta in Asia Trade Fair. 

1976   Mural Paintings on Mahabharata theme, Dayawati Modi public School, Modi Nagar, U.P. 

1974   Mural on wildlife and pre-historic theme under Mr. Karmakar for the Natural History Museum in New Delhi. 

1997     Mural for the AVCO, Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd. , New Delhi. 





AIFACS, New Delhi.

NCERT (CIET), New Delhi.

R.P.S.C. , Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

Artchill Museum collection.

Juneja art gallery.

Embassy of Finland, Chile, France.

Agro nixt Contemporary Art Museum Covasna, Romania.

G.D.R., Sweden.

ARKS Gallery, London. 

CM House in Rajasthan and in different private Collections in India and abroad.