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Born  1948, at Partapur, Banswara, Rajasthan,INDIA

In understanding the creative efforts of a talented painters, his other achievements are sometimes a hindrance rather than a help. For Instance, Upadhyay you will come to know, is a PhD in Fine Arts and the head of the department of painting in one of the best Art institutions of the country and that he has participated in scores of National and International exhibitions both at home and abroad and held umpteen numbers of solo expositions in major cities of India. It is worth remembering that events of the artist's life are not that important in understanding his work. The work of the artist is the ultimate text, and happening in his life can be compared to footnotes. While writing a book on the artist the author may try to weave intricate design from the events of the artist's life and show their impact on his works. Strangely enough other writers trying to use the same material will arrive at different conclusions. Ultimately the viewers will have to depend and fall back on the artist's work. The text is more important than the commentary and exegesis.
Like most artists, Upadhayay's paintings in the formative stage was representational. As the years went by and he developed, his work began to shed figurative excesses and to build a compact whole in high-tension color fields. In the present series he has totally banished all vestiges of figure paintings. He has reached a stage where he is fully independent as he does not have to use illustrative jottings, suggest a narrative through the visuals or implant some details from myth for the purpose of luring the viewers. Like great non-figurative painters from Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock to Gastan Bertrand, he has also used abstraction in painting as it is used in music.
By the time Upadhyay got involved in abstraction several art movements like Pop, Op, Conceptual Art and the rest of the shooting match had displaced American Abstract Expressionism. The late 20th and early 21st century art was moving beyond the realm of modernism and in to that of post-modernism. Upadhyay's paintings are informed of the later day trends. His abstractions reach out and explore the extreme limits of non-figuration. From the search for the chaos of the inner-self he has moved into the vast expanse of outer space and as it were, created a visual of the unified field theory. This has made him move away from square and rectangular compositional compact to circular ones. Artist have rarely used circular composition but in his hand they become terrestrial to supra terrestrial. It seems, he prefers a variety of interpretation of his work as he has layered them with variation of meaning. Most of this series of paintings, with the rare exception of one which is in acrylic, are in mixed media. He has executed them with dry pastel, graphite, watercolor and acrylic paints. His work radiates luminosity for this reason. Viewers may see them abstract landscapes in the format of a circle. Other in space, some as far as millions of light years away. This inter-steller obsession makes his works postmodern. He continues from where European and later American abstractionists left off.
Upadhyay hints that we are not earth earthy but made of cosmic stuff and substance. He is steeped in the ethos and culture of his native Rajsathan. Folklore and art and crafts, the colors of textile and varied landscape of the region influenced him, as well as the hymns of Mira Bai. The arid desert landscapes and lakes, forts and scanty vegetation and the ambience of medieval atmosphere underneath the contemporary veneer have all cast a shadow on him.
Above all, the tradition of Rajput miniature and Jaipuri fresco have inspired him. You might remember that Kandinsky's paintings indicate the impact of Russian icons particularly that of Rublyev's, and the mystic elements of the Russian Orthodox Church. Upadhyay's paintings integrate his heritage in a similar way. His roots go deep but his branches spread into the open blue sky.
(Art Historian and Critic)





1970    M .A . in Painting from University of Udaipur.

1996    Ph.D. in Painting from Sukhadia University, Udaipur.




1981    National Award on Painting by National Lalit Kala Akademi N.Delhi. 

1984    All India Award by U.P. State Akademi on Painting. 

1989    All India Award by Bihar Govt. on Painting.

1991    All India Award by R.L.K.A. Jaipur on Painting. 

1969,1972,1975,1978,1980,1982 & 1984   

             Senior fellowship in visual art awarded by Ministry of Human resource, Govt.of India. 

             State Awards on Paintings and Drawings by Lalit Kala Akademi , Jaipur.  

1971,1972  Best Teacher Artist Award by Director P. & S. Education, Rajasthan.

              Merit Certificate by Govt. of Rajasthan on Republic Day for the Out Standing.

1985    Contribution in the field of Fine Art Education.




1967   Govt. College Banswara. 

1971   Information Center, Jaipur 

1971   Dept. Painting M.B.College Udaipur. 

1972   AIFACS Art Gallery, N. Delhi. 

1975   Information Center, Udaipur. 

1975   Sridharni Art Gallery ,N.Delhi. 

1975   Ravindra Manch Art Gallery, Jaipur. 

1978   Ravindra Bhavan Art Gallery, N.Delhi.

1980   Ravindra Bhavan Art Gallery, N.Delhi. 

1981   Faculty of Fine Art, M.S. University Baroda. 

1982   Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. 

1982   Fine Art Deptt.Banasthali Vidyapith. 

1982   Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 

1985   Gallery Amrapali, N.Delhi. 

1985   Taj Art Gallery,Mumbai. 

1986   Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 

1986   Gallery Akaar , Chandigarh.

1986   Ravindra Manch Art Gallery, Jaipur. 

1988   Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

1989   Vadehra Art Gallery, N. Delhi. 

1990   Ravindra Manch Art Gallery, Jaipur. 

1991   Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 

1991   The Heritage Gallery, Channai. 

1992   Sridharni Art Gallery, N.Delhi. 

1993   Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. 

1996   Ravindra Bhavan Art Gallery, N.Delhi. 

1996   Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. 

1994,1998  Kala Mela  LKA.  Jaipur. 

1997   Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

1997   Shahjahan Art Gallery, N.Delhi. 

2000   Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. 

2000   Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 

2001   Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur. 

2002   Gallery Espace, Avignon,France.

2005   Ravindra Bhavan  Art Gallery, New Delhi.

2005   Jawahar Kala Kendra,Jaipur.

2006   Sarjan Art Gallery, Vadodra.

2007   Ravindra Bhavan Art Gallery,New Delhi.

2010   NeerjaModi Visual and Performing Art Centre,Jaipur.




1975   Represent India in IIIrd International Triennial India, LKA.,N.Delhi.

1975   7th International Contemporary Art Ex. org by AIFACS, N.Delhi.

1986   Represent India in VIth International Triennial India, org. by LKA.,N.Delhi.

1988   Represent India in India Festival in Japan.

1985   Graphic Art in India since 1850, org by LKA, N.Delhi.

1985,1988  All India Prints Exhibition org. by Group-8 & Chandigarh College of Art.

1988   Third International Prints Exhibition org. by AIFACS, N.Delhi.

1988,1990,1995   2nd, 3rd & 4th Contemporary Art Biennial of India, Bharat Bhavan ,Bhopal.

1989   International Independence Prints Exhibition, Kanagava, Japan

1989,  91, 1994  Bharat Bhavan International Prints Exhibition, Bhopal 

1987   Group Exhibition of Indian artists at Maul Brorun, Germany

1987   Group Exhibition of Indian artists at Gaggenaw, Germany 

1990,1991   Indo-Germany Painters Exhibition title ‘War & peace’ in major cities in India and Germany.

1993   Represent India in Asian Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

1994   International Mini Prints Exhibition org. by UNEAC, Cuba. 

1994   Drawings-94 special Exhibition org. by Gallery Espace, N.Delhi.

1974   National Exhibition of Art org. by National LKA, N.Delhi since.

1975   All India Exhibition org. by AIFACS , N.Delhi

1972   Bombay Art Center, Mumbai

U.P.State LKA ,Lucknow, RLKA , Jaipur etc since 1971

State Exhibition of Art and many special Art shows org. by RLKA, Jaipur.

Witheenin the state and important Art centers in India since 1967

A Tribute to VanGaugh ,an Exhibition org. by Vadehra Art Gallery, N.Delhi 

Annual Art Exhibitions org. by Chitram Art Gallery, Tiruanantpuram. 

1999   The Desert & Beyond’ Exhibition British Council, at N.DelhI.

1997   Major Trends in India’ Exhibition org by LKA , N. Delhi, on 50th anniversary of Indian Independence.

1997   Colour of Rajasthan’ special Exhibition,RLKA, & JKK  at Jaipur , on 50th anniversary of Indian Independence.

1997,1998  Movement in India A TRIBUTE  special Exhibition org. by Karnataka Chtrakala Parishad ,Bangalore.

1998   Exhibition of Contemporary Art to support mentally handicapped through PRAYAS a NGO’s working for them, At AIFACS, N.Delhi & JKK ,Jaipur.

2000   A Harvest of Vision’ Exh. org. by M.E.C. Art Gallery, N. Delhi.

1999   Miniature format Exhibition org. by Banglore Artist’s Group  at Banglore. 

Annual Art Exhibitions and Group Shows Takhman 28 a group of Experimental 

Artists of Rajasthan in Rajasthan and major cities in India since 1967 

Raj School of Art’s Faculty Members Art Exhibition in the Institution since 1994 

2001   'We13’- Group Exhibition of Printmakers of Rajasthan at Jaipur , Ahmedbad , Chandigarh and N.Delhi.

2002   'LOK RANG’an exhibition of Indian Art org. by Gallery Art Pilgrim at nNew Delhi.

2003   'IN POETIC REALMS’ An exhibition of Four Abstract Painters of India org. by Birla Akademi of art and Culture, Mumbai.

2003   ‘Corresponding latitudes’ An Indo Australianpainters paintings exhibition at J.K.K.. Jaipur.

Multiple Encounters, Indo US print Exhibition at NewDelhi Manhattan. 

2004,06  Graphics Center New York,USA.

‘SWARNREKHA’ An exhibition of national Award winners Artists by National L.K.A. 

2005   New Delhi at the time of Golden Jublee celibration at Ravindra Bhawan ,New Delhi.

2005   ‘CORRESPONDING LATITUDES’AN Indo Australian painters exhibition at Kick Art Center ,Queens land, Australia.

2005   ‘ART FOR VISION’ An special exhibition org. by Sankara nnatralay, Chennai at Ravindrabhavan ,New Delhi.

2007   ‘KALIDOSKOP’ An exhibition at Kitab ghar .Mumbai org. by Ayya Art Gallery Chennai.

2007   ‘TALES OF TEXTURES’ Agroup exhibition at Travancore House ,New Delhi org. by gallery Art Elements ,N.Delhi.

2007   An artistic JourneRajasthan and U.K. atJaipur& Chandigarh org by RLKA,British Council and ABS Chandigarh.

2008   ‘A JOURNEY OF ARTIST SOLDIERS.‘A show org by Vinyasa Art Gallery at Chennai.

2008   ‘AORA ART SHOW’ AT Nehru Center Mumbai org. by Aora Foundation, Mumbai.

2008   Windows’ a glimpse into Contemporary Indian Art org by Ayya art gallery, Chennai and Prakrit art gallery, Chennai at NewDelhi.

2008   ‘continuum’ a special art exhibition in support of Udayan Care at Hyatt Regency, Delhi.

2008   Art today in Rajasthan at Dhoomimal Art Center , NewDelhi.

2009   ‘ERROR-3’a group show of British,Spainesh ,Japanies andIndain artists at gallery Safaya ,Barsilona,spain and at Sukrati/Surekh  Art Gallery,J.K.K.,Jaipur.

2010   ‘Segment-4’ a group show of Indian artists at Gallery21 ,Budapest ,Hungary.

2010   ‘Indo-France ‘artists exhibition at gallery Chaturdik,JKK,Jaipur.

2010   International Art Symposium show ar Gab Art Centre,Zalaegerszeg,Hungary in Aug.

2011   ‘Togather’ a group show at Art Gallery Ravindra Bhavan ,New Delhi,Jan.

       ‘Wells Rajasthan Exchange Exhibition at Chaturdik Art Gallery ,JKK,Jaipur in Jan.2011 and in March,2011 at Haward Garden Gallery ,Cardiff,Wells,UK.

2013   'Confluence des Arts'  a group show of 100 artists at Gallery Artchill, Amber Fort , jaipur. 




All India Painters Camp org. by National Lalit Kala Akademi at Udaipur , 1978

Regional Center ,Channai , 1984

Takhaman-28 at Udaipur , 1982, 85 , 88 , 89 , 91 , 92 , 93

J&K. Akademi of Art & Languages at Srinagar , 1981

Rajasthan LKA .Jaipur at Mount Abu 1985 , N.Delhi , 1990

R.T.D.C. and  RLKA. Jaipur at Pushkar ,1984

RLKA & Himachal Kala Akademi at Simala, 1987,1998 

SAARC International Painters Camp at Simla org. by Govt. of India ,1989

Indo German Painters camp Maxmullar Bhavan, Kolkutta , 1990

All India painters camp Sangi group of Industries at Sanghi Nagar,A.P.1993,1994

ABC Akademi , Varanasi ,1994

International Multimedia Camp  by L.K.A. N.Delhi  at Jawahar K K , 1994

Goa Kala Akademi ,Panjim ,1995

International Multimedia Camp  by L.K.A. N.Delhi  at Jawahar K K , 2001

Represent India in XXXIII International Art Symposium at Gyor , Hungary ,

Municipal Museum of   Art ,Gyor under the cultural exchange program , 2002

Mao college ,Ajmer, 2003

International Art symposium at Kokrajar College of Fine Art, Kokrajar, Bodoland Aasam,2004

International Art symposium at J.K.K.,Jaipur VYOM Art Gallery, Jaipur,2006

All India artists camp at IIHMRS, JAIPUR org .by Bhoruka charitable trust,2007

All India Painters Camp at Goa org. by SAMANVYA Art Gallery ,Jaipur,2007

All India Painters camp at Bhuvaneshwar, Orisa LKA , 2008

All India Painters camp at Srinagar org. by J&K akademi ,2008

All India Painters camp at NewDelhi org by ITDC ,2008

All India Painters camp org by Neerj Modi School Art Center at Jaipur,2008 

International Art symposium org. by Mati Manas Art Foundation at Jaipur,2009

International Art symposium org. by Neerj Modi School Art Center at Jaipur,2009

All India Painters Camp ICA Art Gallery ,Jaipur,2010

International Art Symposium’Geb Art2010’at Zalaegerszeg,Hungary.2010

National contemporary Art Camp ,Panjim,Goa , Deptt. Of Art and culture, govt .of Goa,2010





Takhaman- 28, a group of Experimental Artists of Rajasthan at Jaipur1980,1982,1984 , Udaipur , 1997-2000

RLKA at Jaipur, 1985 and at WZCC. , Udaipur  , 1990

Paul Lingerin an eminent printmaker of USA, work shop org, by USIS , N. Delhi

At Garhi Studio N.Delhi , 1985

WZCC&Kala Akademi Goa at Panjim , 1987

 Bharat Bhavan ,Bhopal ,1991,1994

Water less Lithography workshop at Bharat Bhavan ,Bhopal org. by USIS N.Delhi

With the colobration of Tumarin Institution ,USA ,1995

Lithography work shop by WZCC , Udaipur , 1993

WZCC & Faculty of Fine Art , Baroda , 1994

Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur , 1994

Regional center ,Lucknow ,2002





Works are in the permanent Collection 


National Gallery of Modern Art, N.Delhi.

National lalit Kala Akademi, N.Delhi.

Prime Minister’s Residence N.Delhi.

Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, N.Delhi.

United State Information Center, N.Delhi. 

College of Art, N. Delhi.

Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi, Jaipur.

State Gallery of Modern Art, Jaipur.

Jaipur Development Authority, Jaipur.

Rupankar Museum, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal.

 Kala Akademi, Goa. 

College of Art, Goa.

Faculty of Fine art, M.S. University, Baroda.

Sahu Jain , N.Delhi. 

Vikas Minar , N. Delhi.

Rajasthan Housing Board, Jaipur.

Officers Training School, Jaipur.

Irigation Dept., Jaipur. 

Secratriat , Govt of Rajasthan, Jaipur 

West Zone Culture Centre, Udaipur. 

Dairi Development Co., Jaipur. 

RajasthanPublicService C Ajmer.

Mohendra & Mohendra.

HUDCO, N. Delhi.

Dabar India, N.Delhi.

J.K. Industries, N.Delhi.

The Great Eastern Shipping Co., Mumbai. 

Hotel Sea Rock, Mumbai.

Tajmahal Hotel, Mumbai.

Grindlays Bank, Mumbai.

Zenith India , Mumbai.

U.P.State Lalit Kala Akademi , Lucknow.

Jawahar Kala Kendra , Jaipur.

Maxmuller Bhavan, Colcotta.

Gallery Chitrakoot, Colcotta.

ICICI Bank , Jaipur.

Sanghi group of Industries ,Sanghi Nagar , Hydrabad.

Municipal Museum Gyor, Hungary.

Geb Art, Zalaegerszeg,Hungary.

And Paintings , Prints and Drawings  are in many public and private collections in India and Abroad.