Artist: Sunil Padwal
Code: 13011

Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 92 x 92 cm, 


Sunil Padwal thinks of art as a gym where he can try new exercises and test his “physical” abilities. His experimentation tries to find new materials and techniques to use; his aim is to keep introducing different and exciting expressive forms. “An artwork must never be boring” says Sunil Padwal, spectators must be involved, they must think. For this reason, his figures are unclear, nameless and his paintings are essential, no-frills and a bit mysterious so that spectators start asking themselves questions. He does not give and does not search for answers because the world, as he himself, keeps on changing.

Any attempt to explore Sunil Padwal's work as an artist has to revolve around the man and his relationship with his ‘protagonist.' His protagonist, he says, is an urban man, anywhere in the world, a man hemmed in by the uncaring world in which he lives. He epitomizes the injustices of all systems, where they touch either the mass of the common people or just a single person. He is an individual, faceless, voiceless, one who is unrecognized, undistinguished from those he represents.

Show at Venice, to view click  -   'India the Revealed Mysteries' at Venice