Artist: Dhiraj Singh
Code: 1001

Throne Has Its Logic
Medium: X-rays, acrylic sheets
Year: 2011

Sahar Zaman (Curator of the Dhiraj's show INNER EYE):
The work Throne Has Its Logic is a tall chair for all practical purpose but there’s nothing royal or majestic about it.

Dhiraj Singh: The Throne Has Its Logic perhaps owes its life to the phrase ‘power behind the throne’ where real power is attributed to a hidden authority. It was the mystery of this authority, this power that took me to explore the dynamics that form the back story of any temporal power.


S.Z.: Okay, but I would like to point out that it seems like a very grim take on the lust for power.


D.S.: I don’t see it as any more grim than say an ambition to scale the Everest or parajump from the edge of the universe or to make any sort of other pioneering effort and here I would stress on the effort and how it’s ridden by what can best be described as randomness of success. So in a sense what I am trying to say here is that there is a definite aspect of chance or mystery in the assumption of power and that it often defies logic or a linear progression of things.