Artist: Surendra Pal Joshi
Code: 1316

'Paani'   from taana baana series
Medium : installation
Size : 183 X 213.5 X 18 cm
Year : 2013

Surendra Pal Joshi spent his early childhood at the foot of the Himalaya and he lead a simple life sharing the tradition of the people that lived there. This period helped him learn how to love and appreciate the value of simple things, this understanding can clearly be seen in his installations in which common objects are used in an unusual and surprising way. The here-exhibited work “Paani” from Taana Baana from the series is really meaningful, a cascade of safety pins creates a fantastic vision. Surendra’s purpose is to make spectators understand that every object, even if it has no value, used in an unusual but creative way can become an artistic work.  It depends on one’s sensibility and mood, the same sensibility men and women from his native village use when they decide the colour of their yarns, the weave and warp of their looms.

Currently on show at Venice, to view click  -   'India the Revealed Mysteries' at Venice