Artist: Mukesh Sharma
Code: 1317

Nagraj sculptural Installation.
Medium : keyboards, mosquito net, metal, bin bags, sanganeri silk screen printing pattem prints and acrylic paint
Size :210 x 210 x 2700 cm
Year : 2013

Mukesh Sharma is extremely concerned with how humankind relies more and more upon technology. Even in India, not only in the big cities, but also in isolated villages, everything aligns with the new needs; Indians may not have money for food, but they have a television and a mobile phone. Sharma travelled a lot, from Austria to Germany, from Korea to Mexico, he has seen how the world evolves and as a consequence of this experience he does not want to be a slave to technology. His concern does not originate from a rejection of the present due to some kind of love or regret towards the past, but from the idea that technology’s duty is to integrate in everyday life and respect the milieu, not overpower them. The installation exhibited here is a faithful example of his ideas; the use of technological waste products together with the great dimension contributes to strengthen the emotional impact.

Currently on show at Venice, to view click  -   'India the Revealed Mysteries' at Venice