Artist: Arpana Caur
Code: 965

Medium : Oil on canvas
Size : 104 x 153 cm

‘I am obsessed with the phenomenon of time ‘ she said once, and her pictures are witness to this obsession in many ways. Scissors are repeated symbol in Arpana Caur’s canvasses and remind us of the Fates, antique goddesses of destiny, who cut the thread of life when the time is due. The Norms, then, spin the thread, quite like many women toiling the distaff in Arpana’s pictures. Traffic lights are phase of order and timing. Everywhere you’ll find the river of time, form which powerful plants emerge or twisted dead trunks and branches submerge. Her figures are not limited to religious- philosophical significance but extend always into social and political significance , they weave and spin, they divide with organizing scissors the streams of the time and narration, and they are norms, fates, goddesses of destiny all at same time .

Show at Venice, to view click  -   'India the Revealed Mysteries' at Venice