Artist: Akash Choyal
Code: 301

A Ramble
3 available editions out of 3
Medium: Triograph
Size: 122 X 92 cm

Akash Choyal is the first Indian artist to make three-dimensional works; they are three-D figures that can be seen without the specific glasses. He obtains an intensely illusory effect. His topics are always related to the human figure and are inspired by the fantasy world of his childhood. He grew up in a particularly cultured family, his father, mother and even his grandfather were art teachers, but he proudly says “I did it myself, everything I do comes from my imagination” and in  doing so  he creates his own personal dimension. In addition to the 3D images, he makes fibreglass sculptures, he paints them white with some black drawings. They are sensory sculptural and full of symbolism anthropomorphic forms.

Currently on show at Venice, to view click  -   'India the Revealed Mysteries' at Venice